Here We Go Again

Wasatch is in seven months. I got in. So did my brother:

Although out of shape, I'm feeling pretty healthy.

I ran one mile this week.

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Get down with the sickness

I woke up with a sore throat this morning. I think this is the fourth time I've been sick since I graduated in the end of April. In July, I had a two-week sinus infection shortly followed by a two-week viral throat infection. It's been a full month since I last posted because I've hardly had any running to record here. I could count the miles I ran in July on about 40 fingers.

Although I did have a couple good runs last week around Timp, I'm back on the injured list. Hopefully this only lasts a couple days so I can squeeze in a 6 weeks of desperate training before the Bear 100 on September 23rd. My goal of a sub-24 hour finish seems a lot more unrealistic than it did at the beginning of June. Everything has to go just right from now until the finish line on the shore of Bear Lake for me to reach that goal.

On a brighter note, I'm getting married in a 7 days. Followed by a honeymoon in Portland and some backpacking in the Sawtooths.


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Week ending July 3rd

Didn't run very much at all last week. Sinuses starting to feel better. Busy work week with painting.

Mon: 0
Tues: 5.25
Wed: 11.25
Thur: 0
Fri: 0
Sat: 0

16.5 miles; 2500'

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Week ending June 26th

I was just getting over a bit of a cold going into Ragnar last week. I ran too hard there, I guess, because my cold turned into a sinus infection. I think it was not sleeping at all and running 10 miles at 3:30am at about a 90% effort.

So, I fell short of my goal (by half) this week. I'd like to call it a "rest week" because I ran so little. But, I definitely don't feel rested. In fact, I'm pretty tired. I cut my long run short on Saturday by about 14 miles.

I like to think of myself as a pretty hard-core-dude. I'm usually the one without the shirt jogging past scout troops 30 miles into their 50-mile backpacking trip. ...This week I was the scout troop:

My brother and I tried to climb the West Slabs of Mt. Olympus on Wednesday. We didn't really do any research beforehand. We knew where the trailhead was and that we were looking for a 1600' 5.5 slab. A climb rated 5.5 is pretty easy, but not that easy. Like your mom could do it, I bet, but probably not your grandma, maybe though, I don't know your grandma.

Okay, so after getting lost for like an hour. We went back down to the car and checked a map on my computer. While we were heading back up the trail, with a climbing rope and gear, this dude with no shirt on passed us, headed for the West Slab. He told us about where to go and continued running up the trail. Less than an hour later, we saw him sliding down the snow-filled couloir we were struggling to kick steps up. When he was in talking distance of us he said "you dudes went up the wrong gulley." Not only had he already free-soloed the slab we were looking for. He did it in running shoes and was coming back down already. He probably did the whole trip in 1:20 or so. I'd like to see your grandma do that.

Mckay and I got lost for a total of 8 hours, walked down a creek in the dark without flashlights, and never even saw the West Slabs. Here's the route we were supposed to take off J. Campbell's blog.

Mon: 1.5
Tues: 8 (Mt Olympus)
Wed: 8
Thurs: 0
Fri: 0
Sat: 12

29.5 miles, 7,000'

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Week ending June 19th

Haley flew to Boise this week.

My brother, McKay, got home from his 2-year mission in the Philippines.

Haley and I drove back Friday morning to run Ragnar. I ran a hodge-podge of legs.

Mon: 4
Tues: 6 + 3.3
Wed: 3 + 10.75
Thurs: 3
Fri: 4.75
Sat: 10 + 3.2 + 7.15

55 miles; 5,100'

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Week ending June 12th

Last summer I felt like I trained pretty hard. I didn't keep a training log, but I usually ran with a GPS watch. My watch stores all the runs I take it on. So, I have an incomplete training log from last summer. My biggest week, of watch-carrying runs, was 49.86 miles, 10 weeks before my 100-miler. This week I beat that number by 2 miles with 14 weeks until the Bear 100.

50 miles in a week is a sort of milestone, for me. It's half my race distance, half my weekly peak volume and it's more than I've ever recorded in a training week. Hopefully I can stay on my training plan for the next 14 weeks.

My biggest weeks I can think of:
  • two 200+ mile weeks on the PCT in 2009
  • two 100+ mile weeks when I raced Wasatch 100 in '09, '10
  • one 65 mile week when I raced Wifmer '10

Mon: 8
Tues: 5
Wed: 6
Thurs: 13
Fri: 4
Sat: 16

52 miles; 6,500'

Other news:
My brother gets home from the Philippines on Wednesday and Haley gets here Tuesday. I'm a little more excited to see Haley. It's been 10 days since I've seen her. Mckay's been gone 24 months. Sorry, bro.

Oh, and Haley and I are running Ragnar this week.

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Week ending June 5th

A lot happened this week. I got sick. Then I got engaged. Then I got tired running for 4 hours on Saturday.

I got sick: Didn't run on Monday and Tuesday.

I got engaged: Proposed to Haley. You can read all about it on her blog. So excited.

I got tired: Ran four 6-mile laps on the Polecat trail, at a decent pace. About 750' climbing per lap.

Right after I proposed in the park

Dennis and I on Saturday
(Photo: Sparkle's fb)

Mon: 0 (sick)
Tues: 0 (sick)
Wed: 6.25 (still sick)
Thur: 5
Fri: 6.25
Sat: 24 (4x6 miles 1:01; :56, :57, :55)

41.5 miles; 3100'

This week broke my 9-week streak of weekly milage increases. It also broke my 24-year streak of not being engaged. Think I came out ahead.

Next week: shooting for 52 miles!

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